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Making life easier for the customer

How amazing would it be to pre-order drinks at your favourite café, pub, football match or concert from your phone. Then collect those once notified without the need to queue? Beat the queue!

Or pick up goods from shop’s shelf, confirm the purchase, and leave the shop bypassing the till? Beat the queue!

WoraPay has made this possible with a simple to launch mobile service that any retailer can start using tomorrow.


5 Stars
The feedback from our users has been fantastic.
 Because it’s so easy to pay remotely it’s turned into a habit for many of our colleagues. 
 It already saved colleagues 1,400 hours from waiting in a queue.”

Daria Mitaenko
Senior Manager, Innovation Labs
Lloyds Banking Group

A great solution for your business

There’s no need for your customers to wait to pay at a point of sale terminal. With our solution, they pay with their own mobile phone and avoid the queue.

Customers save valuable time and retailers report increases in sales and profits.